Zed Run Clone Script

Zed Run Clone Script is a ready-made NFT Gaming Marketplace Script that allows you to launch your own NFT Gaming Platform just like Zed Run. It is absolutely customizable & wholly tested NFT Marketplace website script integrated with all the features and plugins similar to Zed Run.

Benefits of Launching NFT Game like Zed Run

Below mentioned are some of the business benefits of launching Zed Run like NFT horse game.

i)Fewer Capital Investment

ii)Rapid Acceptance of Market

iii)Quick User Gaining

iv)Massive ROI

Security Tokenizer as a leading NFT development company offers NFT gaming marketplace like Zed Run through our effective Zed Run Clone Script. Our clone script comprises several advanced gaming features such as racing, breeding, several attributes, classes, coats and so on to discriminate the horses that are backed up with NFTs.

Features of Security Tokenizer’s Zed Run Clone Script

  1. Distinct stages of classes
  2. Decentralized lending
  3. Lets to create own race
  4. Able to fix tournaments
  5. Scheduled racing
  6. Diminished gas fee
  7. Referral dashboard for stable owners
  8. Supports hardware wallets
  9. Automatic racing
  10. 3D racing
  11. Races bet option
  12. Matic Breeding & Purchasing

If you are planning to launch your own digital horse racing platform like Zed Run, then get in touch with Security Tokenizer. With our Zed Run Clone Script, we can help you make your NFT gaming business a huge success.



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