What is ERC-20 Token Standard?

Token standard is just a list of rules to let the people know how to create, issue and deploy a new token on their existing Blockchain technology. ERC-20 is an Ethereum based token standard that is particularly popular in creating non-fungible tokens. In the crypto industry, ICO is an effective way to raise funds from investors and ERC-20 has been a dominant pathway to create tokens for such ICOs and crowdfunding companies. This has led to the fact that there is about tens of thousands of tokens have been created based on the ERC-20 token standards. Apart from this, below listed are some other Ethereum token standards that are commonly used.

  • ERC-721
  • ERC-777
  • ERC-1155

If you are planning to develop your own token based on such token standards, then reach Security Tokenizer. As the leading Token Development Company, our developers can create your tokens in any of those Ethereum based Token standards as you desire.

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