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What is Ethereum Blockchain?

Ethereum is an open source blockchain platform launched in the year 2015. This platform acts as a home to online payments, digital currency and for many Dapps. The main objective of this platform is to have its users make agreements and transactions without involving any third party companies. The native cryptocurrency of this blockchain network is ETH and it is the next popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. With time, other than cryptocurrency trading, Ethereum network has proposed several other purposes like smart contracts, wallet solutions, decentralized applications etc. Such features has made it an irresistible platform for several crypto users.

Benefits of Using Ethereum Network

  1. Ethereum network, provides you a technology called Ethereum Virtual Machine which understands your smart contracts and lets you to interact with it.
  2. This blockchain allows you to create decentralized applications which makes it easier for you to perform several tasks such as online trading, making payments and many more.
  3. It provides smart contract solutions in which the developer can automate several functions so that it doesn’t need any governance from a third party.
  4. The Dapps developed on the Ethereum blockchain operates gloablly through a decentralized server, thus reduces the overall downtime.
  5. It offers better security by distributing the data to multiple systems, so that no individual can disrupt the data.

If you are planning to create your own token based on ERC token standard, then reach out to a professional Ethereum token development company like Security Tokenizer. With our immense knowledge in the Ethereum Blockchain, we offer effective Ethereum token development services and help you improve your business standards.



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